Wild Strongholds


At Wild Strongholds, we are dedicated to producing captivating content that explores the intricate relationship between hunting, wildlife conservation, and human interest stories. Our documentary films serve as a platform to highlight the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including agents, guides, outfitters, biologists, and local communities, in safeguarding wildlife and preserving natural habitats across the globe.

What sets us apart is our commitment to making people and wildlife the central figures in our narratives. We’re more than just a documentary; we serve as a voice for the locals who safeguard our wildlands for future generations. Our approach emphasizes presenting hunting through the perspective of local communities in range countries, providing a nuanced view of conservation efforts. With compelling storytelling, thorough interviews, and stunning wildlife footage, Wild Strongholds illustrates the ongoing conservation endeavors and their significant influence on local ecosystems and communities.

We recognize the importance of advocacy and messaging beyond the hunting community. Through compelling storytelling, extensive interviews, and breathtaking wildlife footage, we aim to bridge the gap between the anti-hunting community and hunting community by explaining the vital role that hunting plays in conservation efforts. As advocates for change, we collaborate with organizations such as the Dallas Safari Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, The Hunting Consortium Ltd., and Spartan Precision Equipment to sponsor our projects, pushing the message of conservation through hunting and advocating for the preservation of our planet’s precious biodiversity. Join us on our journey as we explore the wilds of our planet and strive to make a difference in the world of conservation.

The Team

Ed Hudson

Founder of Wild Strongholds

Edward J. Hudson has been a naturalist since childhood. He has traveled the world but not until recently has Ed decided to travel the world while pursuing his love of nature and hunting. Growing up, Ed remembers being told stories of how there used to be more deer, more sheep, and more game. He’s tired of hearing stories of there being more game and has become an avid wildlife conservationist because of stories from the past like these. Since 2017, Ed has hunted the rainforest of Cameroon for Bongo, the Savanna of Cameroon for Lord Derby Eland, the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan for Marco Polo argali, the Hindu-Kush and Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan for Markhor, the Altai Mountains and Hangai Mountains of Mongolia for the largest of all the sheep of the world. Ed’s passion for conservation has driven him to educate others by creating Wild Strongholds to create a vehicle with which to entertain and educate the public about the conservation efforts of local communities and governments around the world. The majority of hunters are very misinterpreted and portrayed poorly by a very loud, vocal, and small subset of world’s population. People in this world tend to listen to the loudest voices and it’s hard to ignore someone that’s screaming in your face. Ed would like to change the perception and try to sway people to understand what hunters are doing, has a purpose. It’s my hope that one day, there will be more snow leopards, more brown bears, more lynx, ibex, and sheep so that his daughter, one day, can see it and ask “Daddy is this how it used to be?” and he can respond with “No. it’s not. It’s much better now.”

Rob Kern

Project Manager and Associate Producer

Robert ‘Rob’ Kern brings over a decade of experience to his role as Associate Producer and Production Manager at Wild Strongholds. With a Bachelor degree in Global Affairs from George Mason University and a background in managing multimillion-dollar hunting investments, Rob excels in delivering seamless logistical services in remote regions worldwide. As Vice President of The Hunting Consortium Ltd., he oversees all aspects of production, from logistics coordination to planning and execution. Rob’s involvement in prestigious conservation organizations highlights his commitment to global conservation efforts. In addition to his roles at Wild Strongholds and The Hunting Consortium, Rob serves as President of the International Professional Hunters’ Association (IPHA), a prestigious organization known for its influential role in global conservation, and he sits on the Exhibitor Advisory Group for Safari Club International (SCI), the world’s largest hunting organization. Through these positions, Rob actively contributes to shaping conservation policies and initiatives on a global scale, furthering his commitment to protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Blank Video

Production Company

Since its inception, Blank Video has strived to capture extraordinary wildlife footage and captivating stories from around the globe. From Africa, Asia, the USA, to Canada, the Blank Video team has traveled extensively. We have produced over 300 nationally televised TV episodes on the Discovery Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, and WildTV, along with eight documentary films for the Wild Strongholds project.

Dustin Blankenship

Founder of Blank Video

Blank Video was established in 2015 by Dustin Blankenship, who had a passion for photography from his teens and was introduced to hunting in his early 20s. Early in his career, Dustin knew there was no other job for him but the great outdoors. Dustin has traveled to five countries in Africa, the highlands of Norway, the mountains of Spain, and the frozen woods of Alberta. Dustin’s eye for creativity and storytelling is the cornerstone of Blank Video.

Cody Fite

Field Producer and Editor

In 2017, Cody Fite joined the Blank Video team as a field producer and quickly worked up the ranks to become an editor and photographer. With a love for the outdoors since childhood, Cody has traveled to six countries in Africa and to rugged landscapes of Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and the mountains of Austria.

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